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AlphaCor artificial cornea.

The AlphaCor is a recently introduced device which is more flexible than the Legeais keratoprosthesis, and is made of a central clear hydrogel lens with an opaque surrounding skirt, which becomes bio-integrated into the cornea. Because the prosthesis is made from a hydrated hydrogel, the recipient eye must have a reasonable tear film, which is often not the case for many patients requiring a keratoprosthesis. Patients suitable for the AlphaCor are those for whom the chances of successful outcome of a conventional corneal graft are very poor, eg those who have had multiple previous graft failures from rejection.

AlphaCor surgery

The AplhaCor is implanted in the cornea beneath a conjunctival flap. Once the device has had a chance to become integrated into the corneal tissue, the conjunctival flap is opened over the central area of the prosthesis, a few months following the primary operation.

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